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Thanks to blogger.com for this wonderful opportunity. And a very SPECIAL thanks to you for reading this post. Now,  let us come to the topic.

I created FLORSHEIM Fan Page inspired by my personal passion and the loyal fan base, who trust this century old brand. Old is gold! And it's proven when we look at FLORSHEIM, which was established in 1892! Nope! There was no INTERNET connectivity. Neither did they thought of decades of survival, I presume. Yet it survived. It survived TWO world wars, major economic meltdowns, changing fashion trends, and ever growing challenge from the new brands.

Let business and economic study groups analyze the reasons, explanations, financial aspects, etc. etc. Every fan will agree - it is the QUALITY and COMMITMENT! These two magic words explain the survival of this century old brand.

Let us recall how was it more than hundred years ago, and, how it has adapted to globally changing trends keeping its VALUES conserved.
Enjoy reading my posts, feel free to let me know your thoughts.

Have a joyful WALK.

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